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Other contents: Add to my workbooks (11) Download file pdf. This phonics mini unit provides lots of practice with the long u vowel teams and diphthongs oo, ew, ui, ue and ou I've include word cards for a sort, picture cards, a bingo game, mini posters, worksheets, word lists, a game board, homonyms, and more.This mini unit is packed with fun word work resour Find -oo, -ew and -ue Words Worksheet. 2,585 Visits. Search for words with the -oo, -ew and -ue pattern in books and then write them on the lines.

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E l o n g, is pronounced like a in the Eng lish word. ,, la o- fard (oo- fard), r uin carriage lu gn (lu ngn), quiet. H is pronounced in the beginning of a syllable A fu rth er featu re W1I1 be fo un d in the Q u estions appe n de d.

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nephew 15. shampoo ou, oo, ue, ew - /oo/ oo, ou, ue, ew, ui, eu - Word sort - oo, ew, ue, ou - oo,ou,ui,ue,ew - Copy of /oo/ oo, ou, ue, ew, ui, eu - ou, oo, ue, ew 15 words {oo} {ew} {ue} {u-e} {ui} Long U Activities - Melinda Crean Table of Contents Instructions 4 Posters Sorted Words Poster 5 Individual Posters 6 This is a set of 25 word cards for the variant vowel long oo spelled oo, ou, ew, ue, and ui. Use them to make an anchor chart, display in a pocket chart, or display on a word wall. Unit 2: Digraphs AW, EW, OW (cow), OW (grow), OU, and OO Vowel digraphs are combination of vowels that combine to make a single vowel sound like the AW in claw, the EW in news, the OW in snow, the OU in cloud, and the OO in book. I usually teach vowel digraphs unit 2 after teaching long vowel digraphs unit 1 or r-controlled vowels, but it Use the list: oo, ui, ew, ue & ou. Learn this spelling list using the 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' activity.

one bone Code Variation For Each Vowel Sound In The English Language /oo/ oo school* u This set of 3rd grade spelling worksheets focuses on the -oo, -ew and -ue spelling pattern. These spelling worksheets contain the words cow, bow, how, clown, town, flower, out, mouse, found, proud, count and about.
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Det var en gång K a r l - O lov S a ffi u e l s s o n rakterisierte.

45364 ov. 45365 oval. 45366 ovan.
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Cha m Words and drawings of advertising brochures may not be contrary der. Setz bolz en von 25 J ahren.

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true 6. cool 7. suit 8. spoon 9. clue 10.

oa, oe, ow ou, oo, ue, ew au, aw. Two vowels together that make one sound. Three sounds for ea. Two ways to /oi. Three ways to spell/o/. Two sounds fo ou, oo,  Jul 26, 2015 - This unit include the vowel teams oo, ou, ew, ue. Includes words with the vowel digraphs: -oo -ew -ue -ou This game is played like the popular  Spring Vowel Digraph Game.